Returns & Refunds policy

Last Updated December 2022

Promethean Instruments are based in Melbourne, Victoria and our standard pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD). We may choose to offer approximate pricing in USD upon request and based on individual circumstances, however we recommend checking for up-to-date conversion rates. Prices do not include local/country taxes, duty and customs fees or shipping. Our webstore accepts online payments via Stripe, Inc. Please refer to the merchant’s user policies for full terms and conditions.


If you have purchased a guitar direct from our Melbourne, Australia shop or through OUR web store, you will need to contact us directly as soon as you are aware of any issues. Please do not attempt to repair the guitar prior to contacting us as this can void your warranty and we will not be responsible for replacing or paying for damages resulting from these repairs.

If you purchased your guitar from anyone other than Promethean Instrument directly, you must contact your place of purchase for any and all warranty, repair or refund queries.

We are proud of and confident in the quality of our products. We have a thorough quality assurance process to ensure your instrument only leaves our possession once we are satisfied that it is at an uncompromising standard. Your guitar comes with a 12-month, non-transferable warranty to the original owner.

This warrants that the guitar will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the limitations outlined below.

The warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and may not be transferred or assigned to any following owners or purchasers.

The warranty does not cover:

Any instrument worked on by the customer.

Repair services done by any repairman/luthier not authorised by Promethean Instruments

Any instrument that has been altered in any way by the customer or a repairman/luthier.

Any instrument where the serial number has been removed or modified.

Any instrument not directly purchased from Promethean Instruments or an authorised dealer.

Any damage due to accident, negligence or misuse

Shipping damage of any kind.

Normal “wear and tear,” including but not limited to colour fading, discoloration or damage to the original finish, worn frets, worn nut, strings, tuners, hardware and plating including but not limited to gold hardware.

Any instrument that has be subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature.

Any instrument that has been subjected to moisture.

Any adjustments required for personal preference (string height, intonation, tuning, truss rod adjustments, pickup heights, etc)

Any factory installed electronics or hardware (electronics and hardware are covered by the respective manufacturers, but we increase your warranty to 12 months if the respective manufacturer's warranty period is less than 12 months).

Cases, gig bags and/or any merchandise including but not limited to clothing, media, certificates, accessories and tools.

Promethean Instruments makes no express warranty of any kind whatsoever. All implied warranties are hereby excluded from this warranty.

Promethean Instruments shall not be liable for any special, indirect consequential, incidental or other similar damage suffered by the purchaser or any third party, including without limitation, damages for loss or profits or business or damage resulting from use or performance of the instrument, whether in contract or in tort, even if we have been advised of such damages. Promethean Instruments shall not be liable for any expenses, claims or suits, arising out of or relating to any of the forgoing.

If the guitar malfunctions due to faulty materials and workmanship, at the sole discretion of Promethean Instruments, we may repair the guitar without charge.

All shipping and insurance charges, including any perceived “collector” value, are the sole responsibility of the original owner/purchaser.

Once the guitar arrives at our premises, we will determine whether the defect is covered under the terms of this warranty. If it is found to be covered under the warranty, the repair will be done at no cost to the purchaser/original owner. If the repair is not covered under the warranty, you will be given an estimated cost to repair the issue (to the original owner/purchaser).

This warranty applies to all states and territories of Australia. This warranty also includes all international sales.

Circumstances that void this warranty offer:

An instrument is given to an unauthorised technician for inspection prior to contacting us.

Attempting to fix an issue yourself, causing increased severity of the issue or additional problems.

All instruments that require domestic or international shipping will always be covered for the full value of the shipment. Any damage that occurs during shipping will be covered by the relevant insurance policy. We are unable to control how your guitar is treated whilst in transit, but we will take all reasonable measures to ensure it arrives safely.


This varies with each order and run, and all purchasers are aware that production times are subject to variations which are often out of our control. All dates are approximate and dependent on manufacturing/delivery times which are subject to delays. Please refer to the individual ETA and timeline on the pre-order page for your run and if a current e-mail address is supplied at the time of order, we will communicate with you regularly with updated timelines.


We endeavour to ship our products worldwide, however, we cannot guarantee that every product can be shipped to every location.

If you wish to purchase directly from us and your region is unavailable in the webstore or you can reasonably foresee an issue with the importation of your order to your location, please contact us at prior to submitting your order.


If you purchase a product from our website and are located outside of Australia, you will have to cover any applicable import costs yourself. We take no responsibility for any charges incurred, and we will not reimburse import costs such as VAT or customs duties.


You have 7 days from the order date to cancel for a full refund (cooling off period). Cancellations outside of this 7-day period forfeit the initial deposit paid at the time of order. This is due to your order requiring significant administrative, manufacturing and production costs up front to Promethean Instruments. Please choose carefully, as these terms are non-negotiable under any circumstance. By submitting an order, you agree to these terms.


If you have purchased an in-stock guitar directly from our webstore and wish to return it, we are happy to facilitate that under the following conditions:

It is sent via DHL or FEDEX for any international deliveries, or TNT for Australian orders.

It is insured for the full value stated in your original purchase invoice.

It is sent within seven (7) days of arrival (as determined by confirmation of delivery receipt).

A 10% restocking fee applies.

Postage costs will be paid for by you and will not be refunded.

If your instrument has been modified at the factory to your request (eg: pickup swaps, setup changes), then additional costs may apply.


Wear and Tear refers to the natural aging of the instrument through usual and intended use as a musical instrument, using appropriate audio systems and storage mechanisms and ensuring adequate care is taken to ensure the protection of the instrument when it is in the owner’s possession. General wear and tear on your instrument is not covered by any warranty.


B-stock items are sold “as is” for a discounted price aligned with their condition. Wear and tear provisions for returns or repairs will not be covered by Promethean Instruments but can be attended to as an option.

If you have any questions regarding any of these policies outlined above, please contact us at with “Warranty Policy Enquiry” in the subject.